Boston Based Attorney Assists Grandparents Seeking Guardianship or Adoption of their Grandchildren

Attorney Cynthia E. MacCausland counsels and represents grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family and community members whose young relatives are at risk of abuse or neglect or who have been removed from their parents and placed in emergency foster care. Nearly 10,000 children across Massachusetts were removed from their families in 2016 following protective concerns. The overwhelming majority of these children have been affected by the opiate epidemic and face a bleak chance of being reunited with parents who may face a lifetime of recovery and treatment.

Although the Department of Children and Families strives to reunite children with their parents, it is not always possible. Cynthia has created a niche practice in assisting and representing grandparents and other extended relatives obtain guardianship and adoption of children who may never be able to fully reunify with their parents, and who otherwise face the brutal and ultimate tragedy of being separated permanently from their families.

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