Advocating and Representing Rhode Island Families

Recently I have met with and spoken to several families of Rhode Island students attending both Public and Private schools across the state. Parents are frustrated, worried and angry as to the treatment of their children by school teachers, staff, and administration. 

One boy attending Grade 10 at a local high school was accused of a serious crime, the crime was not fully investigated, he was targeted by his peers and his teachers. Already vulnerable with various mental health diagnoses, the boy scraped through his semester, and has been unable to return to school as he feels he will be bullied, humiliated, further targeted, and even attacked. He has remained home, missing most of the academic year and has been provided with only minimal tutoring and support from the school. The district has denied at least two attempts by the parents to obtain an out of district placement, and he remains at risk of losing his entire high school experience. 

Another mother of two high school aged students reported multiple incidents of race-based harrassment, bullying and abuse which had been repeatedly minimized and not addressed by school teachers and administration.

There is relief for these and other families across Rhode Island and there is no need for students to continue to feel victimized and scared where they should feel supported and secure.

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