Notes From Summer Break: Case Notes and Insights on School and Education Law

I have had a busy Summer assisting and representing students and their families with a range of education and school law matters. There have been many successes and also opportunities for students to empower themselves and their education, both in and out of the classroom.

Earlier in the Summer I worked with a student who had been accepted into a medical school program, but was then dismissed following an allegation she breached the student code of conduct. I was able to provide advice, assistance and guidance and coaching for her to prepare for an appeal on the decision. She was successful and will be starting medical school in a couple of weeks.

I also represent clients in the federal district courts. I am currently representing a client who was dismissed from a local MBA Program for failing to meet academic standards. We allege the school failed to provide appropriate accommodations for a medical condition under the ADA causing him to struggle unnecessarily in his coursework and academics.

Several weeks ago I represented a middle school student who had been suspended for a violation of school rules in a suspension hearing. The school essentially admitted to failures in supervision that caused the student to be vulnerable and exposed to involvement in the disruptive conduct of other students.

I represented a high school student earlier this Summer who was challenging her IEP and was seeking additional supports and evaluation from the school to accommodate her numerous social and emotional diagnosis. Following lengthly negotiations the school agreed to pay for an in depth evaluation at a center of the parents’ choosing.

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